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Key West Seaplane Charters
  • The best time of day to go the Dry Tortugas is our first flight in the morning or our last flight in the afternoon. The reason: with the speed of the seaplane we beat the ferry to and from the island. During the early morning trip the ferry is on its way out, during the late afternoon the ferry is on its way back. It is very quiet on the island during these times, even in peak season. Be sure to book early to get these times.

  • The cost of operating a seaplane and our small capacity means we will always be more expensive than the ferry service. But factor in that we do not add sales tax to our prices plus free parking at Key West Airport and the price gets a lot closer. Add to that spectacular low altitude sightseeing each way and no seasickness: And who wants to spend over 5 hours of their vacation just getting to and from the destination? There really is no comparison.

  • The Dry Tortugas islands are so small there is not enough land mass for the heating of the day to generate thunderstorms, so while Key West gets its fair share of beautiful weather, the weather at the Dry Tortugas is generally better.

  • Air over a body of water is very stable. Even on a windy day, there is little or no turbulence on our flights.


  • Key West Seaplane Charters

  • Scuba divers; our aircraft are non-pressurized and fly so low (500feet), there is no need to worry about dive-time to flight-time. It is OK to dive in Key West in the morning and fly with us in the afternoon (we cannot carry dive tanks).

  • Wear polarized sunglasses on our flights. They cut out glare off the water, making it easier to spot marine life.

  • You are welcome to bring along beer and wine. It is illegal to drink alcohol in a Florida State Park but it is legal in a National Park (no open containers on the aircraft).

  • If you need a place to cool off at the Dry Tortugas the visitor's center located in Fort Jefferson is air-conditioned.

  • The Dry Tortugas are in the Central Time Zone. We cross the time line 45 miles west of Key West. We actually land 15 minutes before we take off! To keep things simple the Park Service and Key West Seaplane Adventures operate on Eastern Time.


  • Key West Seaplane Charters
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